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What is Electropolishing? Can Electro Polish Systems chemistries improve your product?

Electropolishing is a unique process of metal finishing that removes metal ion by ion. This gives you the ability to achieve improved effects on the surface of your part.

A major key to electropolishing process success and achieving optimal results is the proper electropolishing chemistry selection. Since 1991 the experts at Electro Polish Systems have helped design systems for manufacturers of everything from automotive parts to plumbing fixtures, electronics, medical devices and food processing equipment . Today we are the largest worldwide supplier of electropolishing solutions and electropolishing cleaners.

Electropolishing Benefits

There are many products that benefit from enhancing their appearance and performance with Electro Polish Systems solutions. The most common reasons companies choose the electro polishing process are:

Corrosion Resistance
Decorative Appearance
Fatigue Life Improvement
Ultra cleaning
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Electropolishing Solutions Considerations

Electropolishing solutions should not be viewed as “off the shelf” chemistries. There are many crucial factors to consider including:

A product’s size, shape, and composition
The quality of the metal and its surface condition
Production volume

When you work with Electro Polish Systems you benefit from our technical professionals who ensure not only the proper chemistry is used but also provide you with a pre-blended electropolishing solution that is consistently the same from batch to batch.

Electropolishing Solutions